History of Y.B.I. Entertainment Music Group

Welcome to Y.B.I. Entertainment Music Group. We are a music recording studio, video
production company based in New York City, we have been in existence since 1985.
Originally Y.B.I. Entertainment Music Group original founders were Ruel "Bully"Fair,  
Mark A. Fairclough and Shana G. Pyatt during the late 80's Hip-Hop was in it's juvenile
stage and Reggae was King in the African-American community. During this period
block parties, jams in the park and house parties were the only mean of entertainment
where teenager could congregate. Ruel"Bully"Fair was a well know DJ in the North
Bronx, he DJ at large venues but did not have a name for his sound system such as
Down Beat the Ruler and King Jammy's. The idea came to fruition on a hot summer
day in 1985, the original name was EM-N-S Production & DJ Bully, this name was not
long lived, due to the break-up of the partnership with Shana G. Pyatt. A new
partnership was created by the two founding members which included Courtney H.
Grossitt in 1986. At the age of 16yrs  
Mark A. Fairclough, utilizing the monies he
generated from delivering newspapers, he met with owner of Wagon Wheel Club
(Gordon Thompson) and made him a proposition to manage his club on  Friday nights,
the owner was hesitant but with reluctance agreed.

On July 1987,  a unanimous agreement was made to change the name to EmCee-Bee
Records and a new venture was created. EmCee-Bee Records now began making mix-
tapes of well know artist and local artist, party promotion, DJ management, concerts
and dance contest. In 1988
Mark A. Fairclough graduate High School and went to
College leaving the day to day operation to Ruel "Bully"Fair. This created a enormous
opportunity for EmCee-Bee Records to expand it opportunities to a different
demographics and music genre. EmCee-Bee Records was the first to introduce Hip-
Hop music to Dodge City, Kansas with rapper
JoeSki Love and a weekly radio show at
the   College radio station. EmCee-Bee also made numerous collaboration with
numerous artist of the time such as:

  • Pumpkin and the All-Stars
  • Heavy D & the Boyz
  • Black Moon
  • Antoinette
  • Ninja Man
  • Shabba Ranks
  • Nice & Smooth
  • Rob Base and Easy Rock
  • Bellevue

In 1994 Ruel"Bully"Fair was diagnose with the debilitating disease Lupus, which limited his
involvement in the day to day operation. In 1996 Ruel"Bully"Fair passed away at the
tender age of 26. EmCee-Bee Records was devastated during this period and all
operation ceased, a executive decision was made by the remaining partners to change
the name from EmCee-Bee Records to Young Brother Incorporated ( Y.B.I.) which  
honored Ruel"Bully"Fair and the comrade airy of Brotherhood. In 1996 Courtney H.
Grossitt resigned from Y.B.I. To pursue other ventures.

Mark A. Fairclough the initial and current President/Ceo took full charge and
extended into other ventures such as:

  • Audio/Video recording.
  • Internet Radio.
  • Web-Cast.
  • Pod-Cast.
  • Web-Publishing.
  • Web-Site Building.
  • Production.
  • Marketing/Promotions.
  • Party Promotions.

In 2001 Y.B.I. Expanded their name to Y.B.I. Entertainment Music Group to include the
additional services we provide. In 2006 Y.B.I. Entertainment Music Group again
expanded it services to include Jamaican Tube a Caribbean networking, video and
current event web-site known as
www.jamaicantube.com. In addition Y.B.I.
Entertainment Music Group is venturing into the designer clothing market
Clothing a high end clothing line.

Please browse around and check out our site, and please feel free to contact us if you
would like more information, have any questions, or would just like to talk about the
possibility of recording or other music services, without being pressured in any way.
Thanks and have a great day!
YBI Entertainment Music Group
Please submit all Demo to:
Y.B.I. Entertainment Music Group
P.0. Box 4668
New York, New York 10163-4668
Toll Free (800) 516-9159
Administrative office:
(646) 340-88356
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